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IOC/OTGA/STC Argentina: Observador de Hielo Marino y Témpanos



Course format Online
Date 2021-10-12 - 2021-10-15
Cost Gratis

The sea ice and icebergs observations are the ground truth in the isolated places like the polar regions and are useful for ice charting and climate studies validation. 

This course is set to certify the capability of observers in Antarctic and polar waters starting from the process of sea ice formation till the make of ship and station-based observations using the Glaciological Information System called SIGLAC. Also, knowledge in ice charting interpretation and other tools for operational uses are being provided.

Learning Outcomes 

After the course participants will have the knowledge, skills and experience to be able to: 

  • Recognize sea ice and icebergs types.
  • Make sea ice and icebergs observations starting from its codification to the final message.
  • Use and understand ice charts.
  • Know the resources available for operational uses in polar waters. 

Target Audience 

Researchers and personnel with activities in polar waters that want to know about the recognition and development of sea ice and icebergs for making ship and station-based observations.

Course Content 

Topic to be covered include: 

  • Introduction to the Antarctic continent. 
  • Introduction to glaciological observations.
  • Sea Ice, formation processes, stages of development, forms of sea ice, concentration, deformation processes, openings in the ice, ice surface features, stages of melting.
  • Ice of land origin, icebergs, bergy bit, growler. 
  • Sky and air indications.
  • Techniques for the recognition and codification of sea ice for ship and station-based observations.
  • Using SIGLAC software.
  • Ice charts and resources for operational uses.


  • Constanza Sofía Salvó (SHN)
  • Ludmila Gómez Sáez (SHN)


ISCED Categories

Coastal and marine tourism
Maritime security